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Teaching Philosophy

Music has a peculiar ability to point us back to that which is Highest;

That Source of the good, the true and the beautiful.


Through its study we are invited to engage with the richness of the world;

Through its discipline, to become people of character.

As deep calleth unto deep,

so do we live and learn and bravely sail the depths.

Ship Idea 1.png

The art of the piano is a complex undertaking that develops those who practice it into multi-faceted individuals - requiring deep thinking, goal-setting, and consistency in order to succeed. In other words, imagination and discipline. Sharpening both can help students in far more than just piano playing, as those who learn to have a well-articulated vision for the future, a plan to achieve it, and the self-control to abide by it, will hold the keys to a successful life.


I aim to encourage my students to think for themselves; not only to pursue excellence in piano playing, but also to pursue greatness in life. Every student has within themselves the ability to achieve heroic things; and the pursuit of such things, through struggle and success alike, is the adventure that every individual is called to.

It is my privilege as a teacher to be a part of the journey.


When the time comes for a student to leave my studio, my hope is that they will embark with an encouraged heart; well-armed with the capacity to navigate the bewildering currents and to fill the world’s canvas with the brilliant colors of their imagination.

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