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Benjamin Sawrey is a Seattle-based pianist and teacher who has over 15 years of musical experience in various genres, including: Classical, Jazz and Musical Theatre. He has performed in both the U.S and Europe and has received awards for his participation in competitions on both continents. Notable Seattle venues played include The 5th Avenue Theatre and Classical King FM’s "Northwest Focus Live''. Benjamin has also participated in lessons and masterclasses with renowned instructors throughout the world, including Boris Berman, Seymour Lipkin and Lily Dorfman. Benjamin holds a B.A in Piano Performance.

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While writing this brief biography I have decided to take a more personal approach than what is common for a music teacher’s website.

My aim in doing so is to share the process through which I have come to a deeper understanding of music; a process which involved years of striving against the challenging problem of being a pianist with a bi-lateral hearing loss.


Although the understanding I have come to may not be unique to myself, I have nevertheless arrived at it by passing through a kind of difficult experience which I am certain is individual. 


I hope that sharing this story of suffering and triumph, given through the grace of God, might be useful to those who read it.

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